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We create liquid art and share it with the world…starting in Carefree, Arizona. Using modern techniques and innovative flavors, while honoring the ancient traditions of Mead making, we are bringing Honey Wines of exceptional quality to the marketplace and you!

Celestial Artisan Meadery was written in the stars, as they say.

Uwe Boer, the meadery’s Mead Master and part-owner, started home brewing and mead making as a hobby in 1991. He became a Brewmaster for Sonora Brewing Company in 1996. In 2004, after honing his hobbying skills, he moved on to become the Brewmaster at SunUp Brewery in 2005. Uwe is still busy creating great brews for SunUp while, at the same time, masterfully developing and creating meads and ciders for Celestial Artisan Meadery.

Uwe had always dreamed of opening up a mead tasting room. He loves the history and cultural uniqueness that this single beverage has had all over the world. Mead, or honey wine, is the oldest/first fermented beverage known to man. Historically, mead was held in high regard as the beverage of choice for gods, royalty, poets, and scholars through Norse mythology. More commonly, mead is referenced in relation to the drink of the Vikings. The cultural history holds a special mystique for Uwe, along with mead’s simplicity and wide versatility of flavors. Celestial Artisan Meadery, in fact, gets its name from a combination of honoring the tradition of meads throughout history and mythology. His passion for mead-making was met with perfect timing to open up Celestial Artisan Meadery with Heather.

Heather Hurst-Kline, the meadery’s other owner, retired after 30 years in healthcare to join Uwe in fulfilling his tasting room dream. Heather had wanted to start a family business where her two sons, Jacob and Alec, could be involved. Heather and Uwe had been friends for years, and when Uwe shared about building a meadery with Heather – a universe of opportunity was realized!

Celestial Artisan Meadery is located in Carefree, Arizona, and just opened in February of 2022. Jacob and Alec are currently mead-maker apprentices under Uwe, and you can find them serving our “Nectar of the Gods” in the tasting room. With six mead flavors and a cider readily available, and more meads and ciders already brewing, there is something to satisfy every palate. Couple that with a delicious charcuterie plate and you’re in for a stellar experience! Come in and meet our Mead family!