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Helios Dry

11.7% ABV. Made from the finest orange blossom honey, this classic mead exhibits delicate floral flavors and aromas, subtle sweetness, followed by a dry finish.

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Omega Sweet

11.6% ABV. Starting with an ancient Norwegian yeast, we transform southwestern mesquite honey into a delightful sweet mead with a simple but elegant finish.

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Raspberry Supernova

11.35% ABV. An energetic fusion of tart raspberry and sweet honey resulting in a stellar explosion of flavor.

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Andromeda Creamsicle

12.5% ABV. Orange, Vanilla, and Honey spiral together in a whirlwind of flavorful delight that is out of this galaxy.

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Banana Split In Space

12.5% ABV. Inspired by the traditional American ice cream treat, this tasty trio of banana, chocolate, and vanilla will transport you into space.

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Tart Cherry Quasar (Cyser)

8.5% ABV. A galactic blast of tart cherry, apple, and mesquite honey that dances across your taste buds for a luminous honey wine experience.

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